This is the Voice

Little traditions between my husband and I are one of the many things that keep our weekday distance manageable, so this is the first in a series about “Little Traditions.” I feel strongly that any relationship (long-distance or not) needs things like this.

One of our favorites is watching The Voice on NBC. I used to laugh at my husband’s slight addiction to the show during season 2 (pre-tradition). I try to avoid voting shows at all costs because they take too much time commitment. When season 3 came along, he convinced me to give it a chance, and I We both loved to hate on Christina because she’s bitter and angry and we loved to love on Adam because he’s ridiculously good looking and nice. I wish Shakira would stay on!

the voice

I think The Voice is one of the best candidates for long-distance TV watching. For example, during the blind auditions you can text about who is going to turn around their chairs. During the knock out rounds, you can place bets on who is going to win (also via text) and then in the final rounds you can say “I told you so” a million times when you guess who is going home (not that we would know). I guess you can do all these things in person, but the point is that the show allows long-distancers to interact throughout the show, which is the difference.

This season, Sean was home the majority of the time so we got to enjoy it together. Tonight, he’s on the road and even this morning on our drive to the airport, we debated our favorites. His favorite (and pick to win) is Danielle Bradbury; while I agree that she’ll win, I really want the Swon Brothers to win. The other scenario is Michelle winning because the country votes will split between Blake’s contestants. I love Michelle but think she’s still doing music that’s just not right for her. I want her to be like Robyn and perform EDM music (that’s electronic dance music). She did say that was her favorite artist, right?!


Whoever wins tomorrow, I’m sure it will be a good show and the point is that we have a few new up-and-coming artists who were discovered.

What traditions do you have to keep your relationship going?